Tips For Renting A Car In Malaysia

When you want to rent a car in Malaysia, you have to consider a few factors that could help you land a better deal and have an excellent driving experience on Malaysian roads. This article offers a few tips for those of you who intend to visit Malaysia and are looking for Penang best car rental.

1. Go for the big names

You’ll notice a lot of car rental offers, at least in KL. However, it’s a good idea to go for big, well-established companies when hiring your vehicle. Prices are very similar from one company to the other, so this won’t increase your vacation costs significantly. Reputable companies have better cars, they take better care of their vehicle fleet maintenance and they have better insurance policies.

Another reason for going with companies you’ve heard about before is that in case something goes wrong, there are more chances for you to find a representative of the company in your country, so that you can sort out eventual issues even after your holiday is over and you are back home.

2. Read the rental agreement well and inspect the car properly

You need to read your agreement thoroughly and understand the terms of the car rental, so that you have a clear understanding on what kind of insurance you have, what are the conditions for returning the car and what are the liabilities you have to pay if some of those conditions are not respected. It is also good to have a detailed inspection before you get the car and have the rental company representative make a note of all dents and scratches, note which both of you should sign and attach to the rental agreement. Don’t forget to inspect the car interior as well. Look for cracks in the plastic ornaments or on the dashboard and check the upholstery to see if it is worn out, torn or stained.

3. Ask about the time of returning the car

If you plan a long road trip with your rental vehicle, you need to inform yourself about the maximum time when you need to return the car in order to avoid paying for one extra day. Starting from that time, go back and calculate by what time you have to leave your last location and head towards the car rental company. Inform yourself on the traffic conditions, because you may have the surprise that during rush hours you spend as much as three times longer than you would have expected. Just ask the locals what they think and you’ll find out easily when and where the biggest traffic jams are, so that you can avoid driving during those hours.

Be it you rent a car in Malaysia or elsewhere in the world, you need to know that the cars are usually delivered with very little fuel, so your first trip should be to the gas station. In case you get the car with a tank full of fuel, you are going to need to return it full as well, so your last trip before returning the car should pass by a gas station.